Pedigree CH.Debessière DonJuan

CH.Repetition Man In The Moon
CH.Repetition Paw-Zazz Indigo
CH.Rampage's Image Of Repetition
CH.Greysatins Siler Lining
CH.Pawzazz's Mister Magoo
CH.TuxN Tails Midnight Jazzmine
CH.Paw-Zazz's Misty Maid Of Mugs
CH.Jerdaise's Formal Attire
CH.Cestrian Court Jester
CH. Debessière Noir Désir
CH.Copperkettles Live Wire
CH Jayar's Debesssière Black Angel
CH.Feldmar Steeplechase
Jayar's First Edition Willow
Gay Meadows Calculated Caper

CH Debessière DonJuan

CH.Wards Creek The Dealers
CH.Wards Creek's Ohio Gambler
CH.Wards Creek Mystical Moon
CH.Sailers's Os Deadliest Catch
CH.Adamis Black Sabbat
CH Jukebox N Goldwill's Cha Cha
CH.Sailer' s K.I. Kali
CH.Debessière Belle and Rebelle
CH.Meinskismah's Not So Macho Man
CH. Debessière Lord Samouraï
CH.PG'S Geisha Debessière
CH.Debessière Audace
CH. Atreides Belgar's Caducean
CH.Debessière The Queen Of Liberte
CH.Debessière Yvana Sambuka
CH.Jukebox Nic Oal Of Goldswill