Pedigree CH. Crownpark Moondance Debessière

CH.Minuteman Bump In The Night
CH.Minuteman Hide The Cat
CH.Minuteman I Eat Tigers
CH.Tomar's High Flying
CH.Tomar's Dream Builder
Tomar Sassy Yet Classy
Tomar's That Just Peachy
CH.Minuteman All About Flyfishing
Tomar Mr Dream Fixer
GCHex Tomar's The fix is in CGN (USA)
Tomar Bag Of Trix
CH. Rho D'S Something Fishy
CH. Minuteman Hide The Cat
CH.Minuteman What's New Pussycat
CH. Reggae's Blue Heaven

CH.Crownpark Moondance Debessière

Jam's Ricci & Poveri
Jam' s Geppeto
Bisvar Jam Octavia
Gran Caribe Deep Blue
Repetition Urban Legend
Gran Caribe Fly By Me
Melani's Magic
CH.Sailer's Live Life Betina (Bra)
Wards, Creek's The Dealers
Wards Creek's Ohio Gambler
Wards Creek's Mystical Moon
Sailer'S Os Lady Vanishes
Peacemaker's Noble Desailers
Sailer's Ko Stella
Sailer's HF Olga
CH.Jukebox Nic Oal Of Goldswill